Ha! Not Surprising….That’s all That is Ever Done These Days!

Kendall and Kylie would have the world believe that they are these great innovators of fashion, makeup and vision, when in fact they lack originality or creativity.  The only thing they have going for themselves is money.  Seems as long as you have money you can do anything from LIE, STEAL and MISAPPROPRIATE. This generation does a great deal of it.

To put an image over Tupac Shakur, The Doors, Biggie and everyone else without getting permission from the estates is aggregious, but these girls are and so is their mode of thinking: assuming someone wants a Doors t-shirt with their images superimposed on them (sheesh!). The nerve!  Not only that, it’s just tacky.

Do you think anyone learns from this? No….this just shows that it’s okay to do these things as long as it makes one a great deal of money….


Pinterest and the Land of Gurus

I have to tell you something that I have noticed the more I use my Pinterest app.  It appears these days everyone seems to be a “master” of something with regards to my generation and our icons.  I have seen my share of Marilyn Monroe gurus, Prince gurus, Stephen King gurus (the list grows on and on) and the people with this “extreme knowledge” of my era weren’t even born yet!

How are you going to tell me about Adam Ant when you didn’t even know who he was until someone pinned him and you liked his style and copied it verbatim.  That’s what I see a lot of.  Copycats and it’s driving me CRAZY!

Most of these people probably didn’t even listen to Prince until he died and all major news stations were flooded with his images, music, movies and videos.  Now everyone has an overabundance of Prince memorabilia and knowledge and pins.  I started with Prince and can remember his very first concerts here in Colorado and also the very first television shows he started on  (I didn’t just discover him),  so I am slightly offended by those that just jumped on the bandwagon.  I became offended when I did a search for Marilyn Monroe and saw pins where someone totally covered her in tattoos and called her “Gangster Marilyn.”   Marilyn should never be disrespected in such a manner.  That may be all this generation understands (copy, disrespect, repeat) but this is so not cool to me….

It seems to be the same for everything from my generation, and every person from my generation.  Everyone knows everything about it, but doesn’t know.  Was never there to experience it, nor live it.  The new generation now didn’t have a clue about certain things from my generation   That is, until it’s pinned by someone from theirs and that someone says it’s cool….

There are even an overabundance of writers.  Masters of suspense.  Masters of true crime.  Masters of zombies. You name it, the Pinterest masters have pinned it. Or written it.  Or claimed to have written it.

Need a new hairstyle? New clothing trend?  It’s all there…

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love Pinterest.  I’ve learned new recipes, new hairstyles and actually look at it every morning to dress myself for work.

I just have a conceptual issue with people trying to tell me about the generation I’ve lived in….(make sense?)


I Cringe Everytime My Co-Worker Walks by my Office…

Why do you ask?  Because she wears high heels and doesn’t know how to walk in them.  Everyone sitting in their offices are forced to endure the sound of a herd of elephants tramping past our doors.   Every single time she walks past my door I just want to  scream, “Learn how to walk in your shoes lady!”

The sad part about it is she thinks it’s attractive and unfortunately there is nothing attractive about a woman that has on nice shoes but can’t walk in them.  There is nothing attractive about someone who walks heavily back and forth all day long.  When I was younger my mom would get mad if we walked hard or shuffled our feet.

High heels are nice and stylish, classy and sexy…but if you don’t know how to walk in them, what’s the point?

See?  She just walked by again, and like nails on a chalkboard…I cringe

The Value of a Human Life

Sometimes I tend to spend a great deal of time watching The First 48, 72 Hours, Mind of a Serial Killer, Most Evil, City Confidential, Cold Case Files, Evil I (see a pattern here?) I enjoy these shows, but saddened at the same time. Each time I watch, the crimes become more vicious, more heinous as the episodes unfold.

The depth and level that a person goes through to eliminate another person is astounding. The matter of death and murder alone are enough, it is disheartening when someone takes it to another level to cover their tracks. People literally carry firearms like they are carrying purses or the latest accessory to their outfits.

So much emphasis is not placed on a human life these days. Everytime I watch these shows I am often reminded of a line in Angel Heart where The devil (Louis Cypher) exclaims, “…who places a value on human life anyway? It is the soul that is immortal….” Am I to believe that the perpetrators of crime are trying to capture the immortal soul? Or…Is man bereft of morality and principles and the value of another life? Amoral beings unleashed upon humanity.

Our youth fall prey to the luster of life on the streets, the money, the women the cars, the prestige. In an instant it is all gone from a decision that will cost them a lifetime. Encouraged by friends, and forgotten by the same ones that prodded them into the crimes.

I saw an episode last week that involved brothers. Brothers…flesh and blood. One is dead and the other one will probably get the death penalty. It was so sad to watch him tell his mother why he did the crime. My heart went out to his mother. What a thing to learn. Your flesh and blood. Cain and Able. The question still remained…Why?

Doesn’t help when you have a society of people that are now de-sensitized to crime, violence and sex.  It’s all around them and it’s been a part of their lives since they could comprehend.  Mothers would sit them in front of the television and expect the “idiot box” to raise them.  The result?  A nation of people that are either too overly sensitive, or devoid of sensations.  No one seems to care anymore.

Murder seems to be the new “norm.”  It’s the way to cope with things that are upsetting.  If it’s not a suicidal situation, it’s someone upset with a classmate.  A husband feeling betrayed by his wife resorts to killing her instead of just walking away.  That seems to be what is “right.”  Eliminate the obstacle, get rid of the enemy.  Wives completely resort to killing their husbands just so that they could have a bigger slice of the pie.  No one wants to live by the standards that my generation grew up with anymore.  They want to make their own.  The problem is the instability in their mindsets and lives.  It’s easier to kill yourself than face the problems at hand.  It’s easier to kill someone than to think rationally.

There is no rationale with animal deaths and the amount of cruelty one can inflict on these poor creatures.  There is no rationale with the deaths of children and old people when it’s by the hands of the caretaker/caregiver.

Who places a value on life anyway?


People please stop doing this one thing right here:

Stop acting like racism never existed or disappeared from the face of the earth. It’s this type of thinking/conditioning that continues to perpetuate the very thing we need to move away from. Ignorance. Racism is and will always be alive and well in this country. The last thing we need to do is sugarcoat that for our children. Teachers don’t want to explain to the children that bad people really do exist, so they create a fantasy world, where all nations came together to build a GREAT America, when we all know that is one of the biggest lies ever told. Unless you have been living in a capsule deeply embedded within the Earth’s core then you have got to stop lying to yourself and face the truth. Lies, hatred, bigotry, racism, and ignorance IS the driving force in America .

The only thing Trump did was make a mockery of the system, as he has always done. He appealed to the fears and the hatred residing within the people. He didn’t EXPOSE anything . It was already there. Growing and festering, because the people didn’t want a black president overshadowing previous presidents. You can just about believe that Obama will be blamed for everything Trump claims he will have to fix. What the people need to do is stop lying to themselves about Obama too. There was nothing he could do as long as the GOP VETOED everything he tried to do. Stop fucking blaming Obama. He couldn’t even get tissue for the bathroom passed without the GOP interfering, so miss me with the negative references about Obama. That man did an outstanding job and I am so damn proud I was a part of his legacy…

But this shit right here….

Change the game on the “Cheeto”

Know how you can beat Chump at his game? Stop reporting everything he says and does, unfriend him in all social media outlets and report news that does not have anything to do with this man.

See he banks on the media and ratings to boost his morale. Well what we should do is make him a non muthafucking factor and you hit him below the belt.

All of this is designed to distract us from the bigger picture. If we’re all focused on how many executive orders he’s signed, and all his lies, then we are prompted to create these petitions, and march in protest, and they have managed to deflect our attention from what it is they are really doing in the WH.

Stop giving KellyAnne credence, stop paying attention to Spicer and every other idiot walking around the white house and we may just be on to something…..trust me I’m not saying don’t march, don’t protest, don’t get angry. I’m just saying stop giving giving him power and ratings by reporting what his idiot ass does.

Let me rephrase this for those who are not tuned in: We now have a White Nationalist at the helm (and no its not the grand orange one) but we’re so focused on his misspelled words and golf excusions that we aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on.
That my friends is by their design….

This is their way of taking the focus off Putin and taking attention away from the fact that this man now wants to pick a fight with one of the craziest muthafuckas in North Korea. Now we know they are both off kilter, but how about that nuclear war? No one will survive a nuclear war, trust me….

Earlier I made a reference to hillbillies living and operating in the White house, but Jed Clampettt was an honorable, loyal and just man so that comment didn’t give them any justice (Sorry Jed)

Think about it….why give him what he craves? It’s all about attention….

The Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a Two-Bedroom Home Today

bi-graphicswages for 2 bedroom

Oh my gosh this is so crazy!  Colorado has never been this expensive to live….Looks like I’m moving back to…..Kansas!

For most of this cost of living increase, I am going to blame a percentage of it on “Gentrification.”  I live in Colorado, so the cost of living has gone SKY HIGH.  Rent used to be fairly cheap, buying a house was affordable, and there wasn’t so much homeless activity going on here.

Now that “weed” became the attraction, Colorado’s appeal instantly skyrocketed, and the up and coming generation began to snatch all the homes in the lower income neighborhoods and flip them.

The end result of this is housing that is not affordable and Downtown Denver is now riddled with an ever increasing abundance of homeless people.

Talk about INFLATION….this takes the cake!