Congratulations President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

I am so excited for President Obama being re-elected into office. My heart beams with pride and extreme joy. This campaign was the most trying, the most RACIST and the most hateful campaign…well, besides the Mccain/Palin buffoonery.

What I did enjoy about the whole campaign was the people said enough of the Romney Tomfoolery and voted against that man.  The man with no plan.  He had an agenda, too bad he didn’t share it with America, but he had an agenda.  His plan?  Keep the rich rich, and the other 47% of the nation poor.  His campaign ads were a joke.  His 3 token blacks were funny.  Every time he was shown shaking their hands he looked like it was a painful thing to do.  Let’s not even talk about what he planned to do for women.  Oh say set them back a few centuries.

I had friends that voted for Romney because they were so mis-informed about Obama and the facts and… well let’s face it…this bigoted nation does not want a black man in office that they will do anything to keep him out of it.  The Republicans were so convinced that Romney won the first round of the debates that they banked on the people to kick Obama out.  WRONG!!!!  The people showed that.  I mean the numbers says all: Obama’s 332 to Romney’s 206.  That wasn’t even a close win.  Obama toppled Romney, fair and square.

For all the people that flip-flopped their opinions during this campaign, I was not worried one minute about Obama winning this election. I was so tired of everyone and their bigotry.  Romney  and the Republican party had an agenda, and that was to try to keep the black man out of office, by any means necessary.  They just didn’t expect the turnout at the polls.  Now they are trying to say that the votes weren’t fair and the numbers were padded.  “Waa, waa, waa,”  owning voting machines and trying to suppress the black vote isn’t fair either, but no one is whining about that.

Election day I got up  and marched over to the polling place to cast my vote.  I was proud!  I even videotaped myself walking to the polling center.  I was glad the center was set up the old fashioned way with paper and pens because the machines were set up to change the votes to Romney automatically if you voted for Obama (now who’s fair?)  Just another slick way for Romney to steal votes. That was my biggest concern. Romney stealing votes and actually getting away with it. I prayed for Obama and the nation. I just could not fathom America being set back centuries because some  jackwad would have say over what a woman does with her body, and America would be robbed of its resources to keep the wealthy…wealthy.  My friends that voted for him, I look at them differently now, I can’t believe how ignorant they have become.  All the way down to their comments even after Obama won.

We won.  America won.  That is all that matters to me.  The best man is in office.  The best man shall stay.  I’ve got Obama’s back.  I believe in our president.  Obama and Joe, the best team for America!

  Thank you America! You made the right choice!


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