The Value of a Human Life

Sometimes I tend to spend a great deal of time watching The First 48, 72 Hours, Mind of a Serial Killer, Most Evil, City Confidential, Cold Case Files, Evil I (see a pattern here?) I enjoy these shows, but saddened at the same time. Each time I watch, the crimes become more vicious, more heinous as the episodes unfold.

The depth and level that a person goes through to eliminate another person is astounding. The matter of death and murder alone are enough, it is disheartening when someone takes it to another level to cover their tracks. People literally carry firearms like they are carrying purses or the latest accessory to their outfits.

So much emphasis is not placed on a human life these days. Everytime I watch these shows I am often reminded of a line in Angel Heart where The devil (Louis Cypher) exclaims, “…who places a value on human life anyway? It is the soul that is immortal….” Am I to believe that the perpetrators of crime are trying to capture the immortal soul? Or…Is man bereft of morality and principles and the value of another life? Amoral beings unleashed upon humanity.

Our youth fall prey to the luster of life on the streets, the money, the women the cars, the prestige. In an instant it is all gone from a decision that will cost them a lifetime. Encouraged by friends, and forgotten by the same ones that prodded them into the crimes.

I saw an episode last week that involved brothers. Brothers…flesh and blood. One is dead and the other one will probably get the death penalty. It was so sad to watch him tell his mother why he did the crime. My heart went out to his mother. What a thing to learn. Your flesh and blood. Cain and Able. The question still remained…Why?

Doesn’t help when you have a society of people that are now de-sensitized to crime, violence and sex.  It’s all around them and it’s been a part of their lives since they could comprehend.  Mothers would sit them in front of the television and expect the “idiot box” to raise them.  The result?  A nation of people that are either too overly sensitive, or devoid of sensations.  No one seems to care anymore.

Murder seems to be the new “norm.”  It’s the way to cope with things that are upsetting.  If it’s not a suicidal situation, it’s someone upset with a classmate.  A husband feeling betrayed by his wife resorts to killing her instead of just walking away.  That seems to be what is “right.”  Eliminate the obstacle, get rid of the enemy.  Wives completely resort to killing their husbands just so that they could have a bigger slice of the pie.  No one wants to live by the standards that my generation grew up with anymore.  They want to make their own.  The problem is the instability in their mindsets and lives.  It’s easier to kill yourself than face the problems at hand.  It’s easier to kill someone than to think rationally.

There is no rationale with animal deaths and the amount of cruelty one can inflict on these poor creatures.  There is no rationale with the deaths of children and old people when it’s by the hands of the caretaker/caregiver.

Who places a value on life anyway?


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