Pinterest and the Land of Gurus

I have to tell you something that I have noticed the more I use my Pinterest app.  It appears these days everyone seems to be a “master” of something with regards to my generation and our icons.  I have seen my share of Marilyn Monroe gurus, Prince gurus, Stephen King gurus (the list grows on and on) and the people with this “extreme knowledge” of my era weren’t even born yet!

How are you going to tell me about Adam Ant when you didn’t even know who he was until someone pinned him and you liked his style and copied it verbatim.  That’s what I see a lot of.  Copycats and it’s driving me CRAZY!

Most of these people probably didn’t even listen to Prince until he died and all major news stations were flooded with his images, music, movies and videos.  Now everyone has an overabundance of Prince memorabilia and knowledge and pins.  I started with Prince and can remember his very first concerts here in Colorado and also the very first television shows he started on  (I didn’t just discover him),  so I am slightly offended by those that just jumped on the bandwagon.  I became offended when I did a search for Marilyn Monroe and saw pins where someone totally covered her in tattoos and called her “Gangster Marilyn.”   Marilyn should never be disrespected in such a manner.  That may be all this generation understands (copy, disrespect, repeat) but this is so not cool to me….

It seems to be the same for everything from my generation, and every person from my generation.  Everyone knows everything about it, but doesn’t know.  Was never there to experience it, nor live it.  The new generation now didn’t have a clue about certain things from my generation   That is, until it’s pinned by someone from theirs and that someone says it’s cool….

There are even an overabundance of writers.  Masters of suspense.  Masters of true crime.  Masters of zombies. You name it, the Pinterest masters have pinned it. Or written it.  Or claimed to have written it.

Need a new hairstyle? New clothing trend?  It’s all there…

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually love Pinterest.  I’ve learned new recipes, new hairstyles and actually look at it every morning to dress myself for work.

I just have a conceptual issue with people trying to tell me about the generation I’ve lived in….(make sense?)



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