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Oh No! Not Another Episode of this Buffoonery!!!

The Chump Administration is like watching an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies….and I DIDN’T like the Beverly Hillbillies… me that was  a 30 minute torture session… Granny and her damn isms got on my dang nerves!

They are all a pack of bumbling, foolish, conniving idiots.  At least the Clampetts had a moral fiber…this administration is a farce.



People please stop doing this one thing right here:

Stop acting like racism never existed or disappeared from the face of the earth. It’s this type of thinking/conditioning that continues to perpetuate the very thing we need to move away from. Ignorance. Racism is and will always be alive and well in this country. The last thing we need to do is sugarcoat that for our children. Teachers don’t want to explain to the children that bad people really do exist, so they create a fantasy world, where all nations came together to build a GREAT America, when we all know that is one of the biggest lies ever told. Unless you have been living in a capsule deeply embedded within the Earth’s core then you have got to stop lying to yourself and face the truth. Lies, hatred, bigotry, racism, and ignorance IS the driving force in America .

The only thing Trump did was make a mockery of the system, as he has always done. He appealed to the fears and the hatred residing within the people. He didn’t EXPOSE anything . It was already there. Growing and festering, because the people didn’t want a black president overshadowing previous presidents. You can just about believe that Obama will be blamed for everything Trump claims he will have to fix. What the people need to do is stop lying to themselves about Obama too. There was nothing he could do as long as the GOP VETOED everything he tried to do. Stop fucking blaming Obama. He couldn’t even get tissue for the bathroom passed without the GOP interfering, so miss me with the negative references about Obama. That man did an outstanding job and I am so damn proud I was a part of his legacy…

But this shit right here….

Righteous Indignation

First of all I want to take this time to thank Mari (my co-worker and wonderful friend) for the wisdom she bestowed upon me yesterday and I want to share it with you. Remember these two words: Righteous Indignation

Now I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself why this is important., and I am going to tell you. Sometimes I tend to get quite overwhelmed with my feelings of intense anger and bitterness if I feel as though someone is acting immoral or against what I feel is humane or unethical. The problem is when you point your finger at someone or their actions, you become judgmental. Meaning you are just as wrong as the people you are judging.

Righteous Indignation is defined as “righteous anger” which is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult or malice. It is akin to what is called the “sense of injustice.” In some Christian doctrines (yes I had to throw that in there) “righteous anger” is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful.

The Webster definition of Righteous Indignation: (noun) retribution, retributive, justice, anger and contempt combined with a feeling that it is one’s right to feel that way; anger without guilt

I judge you for being morally ignorant, yet who am I to say what is really right and wrong in this world?

Let me give you an example, and yes this will sound a bit hypocritical because of my feelings at the present, but let’s use Trump as the example. Trump in the beginning said he was going to run for presidency because he wanted to expose the GOP and basically everyone in Washington on their shortcomings and hypocrisy and downfall, and in the very short time he has. He wasn’t serious, this was a joke to him.

Now that he has gone farther than I myself am comfortable with, Mari explained that there is a great overturning occurring at this moment (or upheaval as you could call it), and this is the time you need to ask God, “what is really going on? What is the message here?” The message seems to be painfully clear: We haven’t changed one bit. It was just easier for some to deal with prejudice and bigotry when it was covert, but now that Trump brazenly uses it in his campaigns, it has become the focal point of everything under the sun and we can’t deal with it.

In reality, however, prejudice and bigotry has always been there, so stop acting like it went away the minute we put a “black” man in office. As a matter of fact it got worse. All I hear around my office of from anyone who thinks it is even remotely ok to talk to me negatively about Obama is how he is the worst president in history. No he isn’t the worst president in history . Reagan was and George “Dub Ya” was. See what you guys fail to realize is this: These men have no control in office, everything seems to be decided by a pack of crybabies who denounced everything Obama has been trying to do to move this nation along. Personally to me he has been cleaning up messes since George Washington’s years.

Someone in the office once confided in me why they hated Obama: He didn’t solve race relations. To me that was the most stupidest comment to ever spew forth from someone’s mouth. How is Obama supposed to make race relations better when this man has been disrespected by every damn ignorant racist human being in America? So you think it’s ok to walk up to the president and call him a “nigger?” Do you think it’s right to refer to him and his family as “monkeys?”

Everything that man does or doesn’t do becomes first page news because you have to be able to justify the hatred and anger that is churning deep inside. Anything black or white or wrong is Obama’a fault and problem. People really?

Let me just tell you this, that family has more style grace and class than any of the racists and bigots that are running rampant in this country. I am so very proud of that family, and all that he has accomplished and done. If I could elect him for a third term, trust me I would….

So how can he make race relations better when ignorance will always prevail from a country that was built from violence, bloodshed, rape, pillage, theft, division, forced religion and annihilation of indigenous people that were deemed “savages” Hmmmmmmmm. Hypocrisy reigns supreme in this country that’s for sure. Then we wonder why our children are the way that they are, but we instilled the very same values our forefathers and fathers instilled.

Now that Trump has liberated the nation, I’m just trying to see what I will do the first time someone walks up to me on the street and calls me a “nigger” Better yet puts their hands on me, cause I’m going tell you right here, I’m not going to sing “Kum bay ya” and march in the streets thinking that will make a change. Hit me , I’m coming for you. Mari is always so bright and bubbly, it’s quite infectious really so Mari says just smile and say “Thank you have a nice day!” because in actuality…aren’t we all “niggers” (I swear I love that woman’s wisdom)

Yes,I am pro-black, however, I am not anti-white. I have too much of both flowing through my veins. I just don’t know what we have to do to shake up a nation of people that are sleeping. You want change. You have to make it happen.

See Trump did everything he said he was going to do, but in taking this campaign further he also exposed America’s hatred and bigotry and ignorance. Maybe that was “his” design.

I’ll leave you with this:

“Sometimes people’s spiritual ideas become fixed and they use them against those who don’t share their beliefs – in effect becoming fundamentalist. It’s very dangerous. The finger of righteous indignation pointing at someone who is identified as bad or wrong.” -Pema Chodron

We haven’t changed one bit. (and I have to learn how to step back and give things a different viewpoint, and that is going to be a challenge…liberating…but challenging)

Hypocrites Unite!

So for the majority of Americans that are for the bombing in Syria but you’re against lending aid and opening our borders to help them, I just have one question to pose: Just exactly what chunks of the word are you ascribing to that support your belief that this is ok? Because this is a grand contradiction of the word you guys like to bend for your own personal use.

-Hypocrisy is not the way of your God –

The scales will get you in the end…..get ready….

This Pseudo-Christianity is played….

Using the name of God and spitting verse with actions that contradicts the very essence of our creator (Love) is an atrocity to God and his Divine Love….when you know God you know what is right , what is wrong….what is truth, what is a lie….you know love in its true form, it has the power to transform the soul….

But you’re a humanitarian….

Let that sink in….

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