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Oh No! Not Another Episode of this Buffoonery!!!

The Chump Administration is like watching an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies….and I DIDN’T like the Beverly Hillbillies… me that was  a 30 minute torture session… Granny and her damn isms got on my dang nerves!

They are all a pack of bumbling, foolish, conniving idiots.  At least the Clampetts had a moral fiber…this administration is a farce.


The Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a Two-Bedroom Home Today

bi-graphicswages for 2 bedroom

Oh my gosh this is so crazy!  Colorado has never been this expensive to live….Looks like I’m moving back to…..Kansas!

For most of this cost of living increase, I am going to blame a percentage of it on “Gentrification.”  I live in Colorado, so the cost of living has gone SKY HIGH.  Rent used to be fairly cheap, buying a house was affordable, and there wasn’t so much homeless activity going on here.

Now that “weed” became the attraction, Colorado’s appeal instantly skyrocketed, and the up and coming generation began to snatch all the homes in the lower income neighborhoods and flip them.

The end result of this is housing that is not affordable and Downtown Denver is now riddled with an ever increasing abundance of homeless people.

Talk about INFLATION….this takes the cake!


Hypocrites Unite!

So for the majority of Americans that are for the bombing in Syria but you’re against lending aid and opening our borders to help them, I just have one question to pose: Just exactly what chunks of the word are you ascribing to that support your belief that this is ok? Because this is a grand contradiction of the word you guys like to bend for your own personal use.

-Hypocrisy is not the way of your God –

The scales will get you in the end…..get ready….

This Pseudo-Christianity is played….

Using the name of God and spitting verse with actions that contradicts the very essence of our creator (Love) is an atrocity to God and his Divine Love….when you know God you know what is right , what is wrong….what is truth, what is a lie….you know love in its true form, it has the power to transform the soul….

But you’re a humanitarian….

Let that sink in….

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Can We Move Past Caitlyn Jenner and Get to the Real Issues at Hand?

America seems to be so obsessed with Caitlyn Jenner these days, I am just wondering can we get to something a little more important than the “new look of America” Like can we actually focus on news topics that are important.  The Kardashians/Jenner saga is so trite and annoying, I virtually refuse to watch the news and read articles these days because they are just saturated in “K” filth.

I don’t care about Bruce Jenner and whether he found a new and exciting bra to wear under his pretty dresses when famine,  animal rights, death and destruction should be the center point.  We just voted into office a racist, misogynistic pig, and we’re too focused on this person (who is not a very nice person by the way) and his issues with the Kardashians. Not to mention he’s now “Woman of the Year” GTFOH! (Get rid of your junk first Bruce….then you can be all the woman you want to be!)

Who cares about these goddamn Kardashians?

Ok…Now On to the Craziness….

So since the last time that I actually blogged, I discussed my trials with quitting smoking, and I am proud to say that I have been a non-smoker for ten months now, and I am feeling better as the days go by.  There are occasions where I feel like that COPD commercial with the elephant sitting on me and inhibiting my movements, but I am chalking that up to the fact that my lungs are rebuilding themselves.  I do wish however that I was truly in a smokefree environment, but it is what it is.

My father’s brother, who happened to be my favorite uncle, had his house foreclosed on and he needed a place to stay so he calls us up out of the blue and asks if he can stay here.  I was terribly apprehensive at the thought, because I know what it’s like to live with family members, and when it doesn’t work out, a family tie is broken.  Which is what happened in this case.  My sister decided to approve of him staying here, so we let him stay.  Everyone seemed to like the idea that my uncle was going to stay here.  Even our grandmother Nanny cosigned on Donny being here.  Problem was that this man is a sever drug addict and he misuses his prescription medication.  Now keep in mind that he never told me he did drugs or anything like that, he did however tell my sister that he did drugs.  This man abused his Nortriplene and Oxycotin.  He would take 10 of the Oxycotin every time he “claimed” he was in pain.  I’m sorry I never bought the amount of pain that he was in.  His shivering and shaking and moaning and groaning seemed to be contrived and he only seemed to put on that act whenever someone was around.

He would hallucinate, and claim, “big beings as large as brown cats” were disappearing through the walls.  He would literally eat us out of house and home.  Never replacing what he ate.  He would rummage through our cabinets at night while we slept.  Then he would turn around and accuse us of stealing from him.  He would sit in the living room and count his Oxycotin claiming pills were missing.  Yeah you think idiot?  I mean really you take 10 of them at a time, that bottle surely is not going to last you.

What would get me the most about this man was the fact that we would pay him to take my sister to work and he would never get her to work on time because he would always like pull over to the side of the road because he had the “urge” to urinate.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that he had Interstitial Cystitis, so he would live in the bathroom every moment because of his urge to urinate that would never seem to happen and he would fall asleep on the toilet.  Luckily for us we had a bathroom in the basement, but just because we have one does not mean I want to use it.  Or rather I am forced to use it because some jackass was that inconsiderate of his hosts.

Everyday he would leave this house late to go sit with Nanny (oh yeah I forgot to mention how he would grift me out of funds because he was making unnecessary trips to pick up Nanny to ride with him while he took my sister to work.  That would be another reason why he would get my sister to work late.  My grandmother lived the opposite way of my sister’s job.  Complete opposite by a lot of miles and he would make these roundabout trips everyday.  Each time claiming he didn’t know how he would be able to pick up my sister because his car was out of gas.

When we finally got the nerve up to ask this man to leave, his behavior got even more strange.  As a matter of fact the day I reinforced my sister’s request for him to leave, he sat in the dark in the living room.  That was freaky, because I stopped coming our of my room the entire time he was here because he was creeping me out.  He was losing his boundaries, and I was tired of him being here.  I don’t like drug addicts and I don’t like alcoholics.  I don’t know what is worse between the two, but I don’t like it around me.

Well as he sat there in the dark, it kept me on edge, then he finally turned on the light and fell and broke our dining room table.  However, when you look at the table, the break is not a result of his foot getting caught in the rug and falling on the table, but a direct hit with a fist.  The data presented contradicted what he said, so my guess is he called himself coming around the corner to ambush me and got caught up.  The stuff on the table was not moved from a fall, and the thick glass was cracked not because he hit his head on the table, but because he put his fist through it.

I was putting him out the next day, and I couldn’t wait for him to leave.  Only thing was he pulled his extreme urge to urinate act for 5 hours, until I came out of my room and made him “wrap it up” and leave.  That man was creepy. I don’t like him now, and I am extremely bitter over the ordeal that my sister and I had to go through.

Then to make matters worse we found out that he was sending his money to someone in Jamaica (some type of get rich quick scheme).  He never contributed to this household.  Never offered a dollar or two for food. Yet he had the audacity to send it to Jamaica?  He watched us struggle to feed the members in this house and that was the payback that we got.

I remember after our dad died, no one on his side of the family ever came around to see if we needed anything or even offered us food (partly because they didn’t like our mother) yet here was this man (who really was my favorite uncle until now) showed up at our doorstep for help.  I don’t even remember him showing up to our house with so much as a loaf of bread, but he needed our help.  Like I explained to him that I wanted things to stay the way that they were.  If no-one ever came around or did things with us, I wanted it to stay that way.  I wanted it to remain consistent.

Now?  He can’t even come by and ask for a glass of water.
It doesn’t pay to take advantage of your family members.

MySpace…YourSpace: The Invasion Begins!

The other day, I received an email or rather a note from a “disappointed” visitor to MySpace (note: MY SPACE in MySpace Land). The person deemed it necessary to discuss with me my “sins” brought about by my images. The person persecuting me of my sins based upon an image, couldn’t even spell or use proper syntax in a sentence! This very someone actually had the gall to tell me that I was one dimensional and narcissistic. Why? Because I didn’t have pictures posted depicting my family, friends, my job or my life in general. One dimensional and narcissistic. So, in a world filled with tourists to MySpace Land, and the many houses that are built upon it whose mantles happily display their narcissistic and one dimensional image of themselves, I had to be the one to receive the barrage of criticism. I was judged, crucified and buried for depicting my image of the Ankh and was told I needed to learn the key to life. The Key to Life. What does that mean exactly? Is it because I chose to leave out facets of my life that are not important or relevant to the millions of subscribers in MySpace Land? Or, is it because this person believes I should live my life according to their standards and ideals?

Now before I go on my little diatribe, I would like to add that it is important that one proofreads their messages before sending them. I am stating this because, I am not trying to put a person on worldwide blast by posting the entire message, but it was heavily laden with errors that even your English teacher would have failed you for. Since I knew this person was trying to invoke a response, I deliberately played the hand. “It was my duty, to smack that booty!” This person’s message was highly illogical and downright immature. Their voice is just one of the many that try to justify the ‘biochemically-dependent-pill poppin’-vitamin deficiencies in their brains by attacking someone’s free will and expression.

So…let’s just say I sat and pondered that statement for oh, less than a millisecond. That should tell you how much it affected me. I want to take this time to speak for the other millions of artists, musicians, writers and painters because it is very important. Since I never shared an in depth conversation, let alone a “hello”, with this person, I was baffled as to why this person said anything at all. The entire conversation was provoked by imagery; their perceptions are not my reality. I might look a certain way but that look is not indicative of my character. Why do I feel the need for justification here? Simply put, billions of other artists have probably had similar conversations with others and had to justify their work as well. You are always on a defense. It doesn’t matter how much you may transcend the masses with their ideological point of views, you still have to defend your work. Even when it doesn’t matter, you still have to transcribe the verse.

The viewer’s perception of artistic expression is truly individual. Often times they are hindered if they are not out of the box thinkers. So essentially, their point of view is skewed. For example, if you are a marginalized thinker, you are not going to understand Surrealism or for that matter Mannerist Art. What you will interpret are images being coy, narcissistic, provocative and downright lewd. On the other hand, you might see images that are provocative, narcissistic, coy and downright lewd and interpret them as art. It’s all about perception and perception does not dictate a person’s reality.

Go ahead; castigate me because of my images. Just make sure you have an actual appreciation for the Arts. The ever present “flapping booty-cheeks” that are most prevalent in damn-near every home we walk into in MySpace Land, does not represent Art, but rather, the common stereotypes that women oft-times have to defend. These are the very images that inundate our idiot boxes daily. We tune in to see BIG asses in g-strings gyrating everywhere. But my question, do these BIG asses exercise their spherical lobes commonly know as the brain? I can tell you what they do exercise though, the continuation of the very debilitating images that continue to confine us to the marketing moguls who enjoy taking our hard earned paychecks!

However, I cannot hold the owners of the pages entirely responsible per se, because it is just as much the women who perpetuate that shit by clamoring to audition for the roles, albeit by home video or camera phone. That is how they have been conditioned to think, that, that type of disingenuous admiration is an acceptable form of amorous behavior… In simple layman’s terms they think that is what a man finds attractive in a woman. That is conditioning. Actually, it’s good brand marketing! Ass=Man=Money=Sexually Transmitted Diseases which = A lot people infected with Super Viruses that are transferred to the high percentage of Babies that you and me have to support! But, I digress. Well, here’s another scenario, Ass=Man=Domestic Violence=Another Brother caught up in the System=Higher Taxes so that we can pay for his room and board at the Penitentiary=Dysfunctional Household=Illiterate Children running the streets=More Money for room and board at the Pen. Okay, okay, can’t help myself, here’s another one, Ass=Man=Escapism=Drugs=Exploding Meth Lab in your house=Hospital stay at the Burn Unit=Free Ride by the State to your new Vacation Home that is supported by More Money for your room and board. Yes that’s right another free stay! As extreme as those scenarios may seem, that is real life based upon the saturation of negative imagery in the media. That is why “flapping booty-cheeks” are acceptable amongst the masses and perceived as Art. I digress, but that’s okay, because this is MY HOUSE in MySpace Land!

There was an African proverb which stated “one should sweep in front of ones own door”. For those who are unfamiliar with thinking outside of “the box”, let me break it down for you, “sweep your front door, fool, not mine. But yours!” Always worry about yourself, and what yourself is doing, and where yourself is going and who yourself has been with. Then you won’t have to ever worry about no one else!

Bottom line is on a global level, one should be paying attention to the falsehoods we are inundated with daily and not what kind of pictures I have posted on my page. Let’s keep the focus on the macro not the micro. In a world where we spend 99.999% of our time being brainwashed and bamboozled by the government and the media, because they do work cohesively together, we should focus our attention to homelessness, illiteracy and the environment. We live in a country where statistically we rank last in education compared to other countries. Yet, an image that I display on MySpace, an Ankh, causes turmoil. Homelessness has risen almost threefold during the last century, yet, an Ankh causes great disdain. Our environment/world needs to be vaccinated against the very negativities that destroyed the Earth’s purity. So now, let me break down my version of the Key to Life as transcribed by me. Not the Pope, not Jesus or generations of mama’s. If we really knew who we were in the grand scheme of things, we would know that we are the ONE. The sum of the Whole. The One that not only creates experiences and learns from them but loves unconditionally without prejudice or judgments. Some of us just don’t remember who we are. There are those who became the epitome of what everyone else has dictated to them. Those who cannot think for themselves and have to be told what to like, whom to like, how to like and who they are. Oh, yeah, that’s not Deepak Chopra and that’s not the Dali Lama that is real shit for you. The key to life is to remember who you are and what you are here to experience.

Everyone is entitled to expression. Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech. It is when one forces their narrowed ideologies onto someone else is when I have a problem. These are the very narrow minded people that don’t even have the common sense to discover life on their own let alone question it. That, my friends, constitutes being a slave. A slave to the media and the propagation of nonsense. It IS truly the fool whose own tomatoes are sold to him!

The moral to the story: before you invade My Space with your bullshit, bounce it back to Your Space…

Disclaimer: The picture with the Ankh stays.