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Oh No! Not Another Episode of this Buffoonery!!!

The Chump Administration is like watching an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies….and I DIDN’T like the Beverly Hillbillies… me that was  a 30 minute torture session… Granny and her damn isms got on my dang nerves!

They are all a pack of bumbling, foolish, conniving idiots.  At least the Clampetts had a moral fiber…this administration is a farce.


Hypocrites Unite!

So for the majority of Americans that are for the bombing in Syria but you’re against lending aid and opening our borders to help them, I just have one question to pose: Just exactly what chunks of the word are you ascribing to that support your belief that this is ok? Because this is a grand contradiction of the word you guys like to bend for your own personal use.

-Hypocrisy is not the way of your God –

The scales will get you in the end…..get ready….

This Pseudo-Christianity is played….

Using the name of God and spitting verse with actions that contradicts the very essence of our creator (Love) is an atrocity to God and his Divine Love….when you know God you know what is right , what is wrong….what is truth, what is a lie….you know love in its true form, it has the power to transform the soul….

But you’re a humanitarian….

Let that sink in….

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Can We Move Past Caitlyn Jenner and Get to the Real Issues at Hand?

America seems to be so obsessed with Caitlyn Jenner these days, I am just wondering can we get to something a little more important than the “new look of America” Like can we actually focus on news topics that are important.  The Kardashians/Jenner saga is so trite and annoying, I virtually refuse to watch the news and read articles these days because they are just saturated in “K” filth.

I don’t care about Bruce Jenner and whether he found a new and exciting bra to wear under his pretty dresses when famine,  animal rights, death and destruction should be the center point.  We just voted into office a racist, misogynistic pig, and we’re too focused on this person (who is not a very nice person by the way) and his issues with the Kardashians. Not to mention he’s now “Woman of the Year” GTFOH! (Get rid of your junk first Bruce….then you can be all the woman you want to be!)

Who cares about these goddamn Kardashians?

What’s Really Going On With Flava Flav?

Since the first and second seasons of Flavor of Love, I had decided against watching any of the new seasons. One of the reasons was the fact that the women on the show have no compunction whatsoever with degrading themselves all for the chance at “fame.” No matter how you try to slice it or dice it these women are not trying to vie for Flava’s love, they just want a shot at the big screen. The second reason I opted out of watching was that the show has seemed to take a turn for the worse. Not saying that it was quality opimum viewing in the first place, although it was cool to see the highjinx of New York vs. Deelisish vs. Hoopz. What occurred from those shows were modeling careers for Deelisish, although Hoopz was already a model it probably catapulted her to fame…but, we also had to be innundated with yet another reality show for New York, which *whew* was it for me! I didn’t like New York enough as it was, but the public had to be saturated with her and her mother again…

Curiosity got the best of me so I chose to watch yet another episode from the new season. Let me just say that I am completely baffled at the new lineup. Please explain to me why two sisters (twins) are competing for a chance with Flav? Am I missing something here? Not only does this speak volumes about the sisters, but it is a bit perverse to say the least. I guess I am trying to figure out what in the hell is going on in Flav’s mind. First of all Flav is Public Enemy’s frontman. So coming from a Chuck D standpoint, this is a poor representation of what Public Enemy is truly about. It is a contradiction in terms…or how one could look at it, it is almost like a slap in Public Enemy’s faces because of the lack of morals and ethics from Flav.

I went to PE’s website just to see if they talk about this show. I was offended for Chuck D alone….Here is Chuck spitting his ‘isms’ and tune into VH1 you have a buffoon getting busy with twins. Now tell me this isn’t degrading. What was going on through the mother and father’s mind to even let their daughters vie for the same man. The father seemed like an educated man who worked hard for his daughters, the mother seemed like she too may have encouraged the daughters to go for the “gold.” My parents would not have let me and my sister compete for the same man, but I guess it all boils down to what we teach our children at home. I guess if you have no good solid upbringing, you will do these things, which leads me to this…even the girls lack quality (at least you were able to stomach the girls from the last seasons, these women are less than desirable ghetto trash!)

So I’m watching the episode where Flav invited the girl’s parents so that he could meet them, so he took them bowling. Here you have two girls in front of their parents mind you kissing, touching and fondling Flav. IN FRONT OF THEIR PARENTS, is that not disrespectful or what? Ok so flash forward to the family dinner, better yet….let’s just change the channel because I have had enough of this crazy show!

I am baffled…