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I Cringe Everytime My Co-Worker Walks by my Office…

Why do you ask?  Because she wears high heels and doesn’t know how to walk in them.  Everyone sitting in their offices are forced to endure the sound of a herd of elephants tramping past our doors.   Every single time she walks past my door I just want to  scream, “Learn how to walk in your shoes lady!”

The sad part about it is she thinks it’s attractive and unfortunately there is nothing attractive about a woman that has on nice shoes but can’t walk in them.  There is nothing attractive about someone who walks heavily back and forth all day long.  When I was younger my mom would get mad if we walked hard or shuffled our feet.

High heels are nice and stylish, classy and sexy…but if you don’t know how to walk in them, what’s the point?

See?  She just walked by again, and like nails on a chalkboard…I cringe