Hypocrites Unite!

So for the majority of Americans that are for the bombing in Syria but you’re against lending aid and opening our borders to help them, I just have one question to pose: Just exactly what chunks of the word are you ascribing to that support your belief that this is ok? Because this is a grand contradiction of the word you guys like to bend for your own personal use.

-Hypocrisy is not the way of your God –

The scales will get you in the end…..get ready….

This Pseudo-Christianity is played….

Using the name of God and spitting verse with actions that contradicts the very essence of our creator (Love) is an atrocity to God and his Divine Love….when you know God you know what is right , what is wrong….what is truth, what is a lie….you know love in its true form, it has the power to transform the soul….

But you’re a humanitarian….

Let that sink in….

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Can We Move Past Caitlyn Jenner and Get to the Real Issues at Hand?

America seems to be so obsessed with Caitlyn Jenner these days, I am just wondering can we get to something a little more important than the “new look of America” Like can we actually focus on news topics that are important.  The Kardashians/Jenner saga is so trite and annoying, I virtually refuse to watch the news and read articles these days because they are just saturated in “K” filth.

I don’t care about Bruce Jenner and whether he found a new and exciting bra to wear under his pretty dresses when famine,  animal rights, death and destruction should be the center point.  We just voted into office a racist, misogynistic pig, and we’re too focused on this person (who is not a very nice person by the way) and his issues with the Kardashians. Not to mention he’s now “Woman of the Year” GTFOH! (Get rid of your junk first Bruce….then you can be all the woman you want to be!)

Who cares about these goddamn Kardashians?

Misguided Sense of Compassion

I am absolutely appalled at what I have been witnessing from those for others that are willing to show compassion for the loss of another life. (This is NOT a black or white issue, but a LOSS of life moment)

So what if someone decided to put the Parisian flag on their profile pics to stand in solidarity for those who died. Did it have to turn into a racial matter? So you’re literally going to castigate someone because they don’t share in your idiotic beliefs that only one COLOR presides and therefore only ONE should only be mourned.

Do you people understand that we have no control of what gets reported in the news. Lives are being lost daily in every city in every state, in every country, in every continent. However, it is what the media chooses to report to us as a whole. Therefore, it’s up to you (the individual to keep himself/herself informed of the news , instead of someone who needs to be fed an idea or thought because they are incapable of thinking on their own) “Group-Think” is irrational and dysfunctional to say the least.

Trying to compare the Kenya Massacre to the Paris Attacks was ignorant (and I will be more than happy to explain to you why). First of all, the Kenya massacre occurred in April 2015, and yes there was a ton of news about it. It was reported by Time magazine (www.time.com) along with all of the major news NBC, MSNBC, CBS, etc… (Because I am sitting here looking at articles now, amazed at how uninformed 95% of you were to try to compare the two and make one loss greater than the other. (I challenge you to look up Kenya Massacre and you’ll be bombarded by the news you so feel you are entitled to)

Let’s forget this phrase, “Black Lives Matter” for a moment and focus on the bigger picture. Any life that is lost at the hands of another, as well as any loss of a life matters. ANY LIFE (period), regardless of their ethnicity, religion or beliefs. ALL LIVES MATTER. (Such imbeciles you are to think that one ethnic or racial group’s death deserves more news footage than another) …What you have is a “Misguided Sense of Compassion”

“Few things are so deadly as a misguided sense of compassion” – Charles Colson

From the Dali Lama, “The true expression of non-violence is compassion. Some people seem to think that compassion is just a passive emotional response instead of rational stimulus to action. To experience genuine compassion is to develop a feeling of closeness to others combined with a sense of responsibility for their welfare. True compassion develops when we ourselves want happiness and not suffering for others, and recognize that they have every right to pursue this.

Compassion compels us to reach out to all living beings, including our so-called enemies, those people who upset or hurt us. Irrespective of what they do to you, if you remember that all beings like you are only trying to be happy, you will find it much easier to develop compassion towards them.

Usually your sense of compassion is limited and biased. We extend such feelings only towards our family and friends or those who are helpful to us. People we perceive as enemies and others to whom we are indifferent are excluded from our concern. That is not genuine compassion. True compassion is universal in scope. It is accompanied by a feeling of responsibility. To act altruistically, concerned only for the welfare of others, with no selfish or ulterior motives, is to affirm a sense of universal responsibility.”

Universal responsibility (think about it), act altruistically, be genuinely concerned for the well-being of others.

The majority of you sound like hypocrites (“I’m not gonna pray for Paris because they didn’t pray for Kenya…”)

That is so hypocritical and platitudinous, you seriously sound like a cli·ché. Doesn’t sound altruistic or compassionate, it sounds indifferent and apathetic.

Sometimes it’s not always about black- or white, it’s about what’s right.

Educate yourselves and stop jumping on the bandwagon just to fit in.

Think about driving your own wagons for a change. (Now there is an idea)

(disclaimer: I am using Kenya/Paris because that is what kept coming through on my newsfeed. I am aware of the loss of lives in Beirut, Japan, etc…I am just tired of the ignorance)

My Other Thought: “The Face” just gives Naomi Campbell an opportunity to be mean to people…

My Other Thought: The Face just gives Naomi Campbell (with her infamous bad anger management problems) the excuse to exhibit her bad attitude towards the others on the show and get away with it. Seriously she is training her batch of models and instilling her bad behavior amongst them.

What gets me about Naomi?  Everything about her is fake: hair, eyes skin color (she seems to keep getting lighter and lighter these days) This is one of the reason so many of our young black females are having identity issues.  They are taught to “hate” the skin you’re in and just go out and buy a new one.

I’m like totally appalled by the crap being supported on Reality TV…I think I will take up knitting…..

I Just Want to Break Bread…I Don’t Need a History Lesson…

Every Thanksgiving  I am always reminded by those online about the travesties of Thanksgiving and how we as a people should unsubscribe to the “holiday” and what the country represents.  My friend feed is bombarded by the hundreds that feel that “Thanksgiving” is a farce and any African American or Native Americans that subscribes to the holiday are traitors and should be treated as outcasts.

Seriously I just want to break bread, I don’t need a history lesson.  Besides, I already know how this country was formulated;  I know how many lives were lost building this country, I know about the slaves that were captured and brought here.  I know how much was taken for granted. I know all the lies that continue to circulate to keep man enslaved even now.  Knowledge is power, however,  just how much power can a man exude if he doesn’t even understand what has been shown to him?

It’s great  to open a book and read about the history of the nation.  However, it’s still hate if one still continues to try to keep the nation divided by forming separate groups of people, each determined to prove they are greater than the next group; then only letting them out long enough to capture a few rays of sunlight and feeding them just enough.  Nothing nutritious enough or salient enough to build a strong healthy foundation.  Just enough rhetoric to keep them still, so that they think they are satiated, when in fact they are really starving.  Starving for knowledge, starving for truth,  and starving for love.  That’s how cult leaders are able to control their “flock.”  They starve them mentally, then turn around and feed them a twisted sick fantasy….over and over and over.  After awhile the lies are the gospel truth and the flock grows larger.  (I’m not trying to dispel in any way shape or form how America was formed.  I’m not renouncing the bloodshed, the trails of tears, the raping and pillaging.  I’m just saying enough already.)

Let’s just stop for one moment and think about the concept of Thanksgiving.  Basing this loosely on the 3rd to 5th grade lessons for Thanksgiving, the Wampanoag Indians and the first harvest:

The Indians in the classic Thanksgiving story are the Wampanoags, a tribe that has lived for thousands of years in what is today coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Wampanoags experienced difficult times during the beginning of the 1600s when they were attacked by a warring tribe to the north; they were also devastated by a series of epidemics that killed many of their people – all but one of the Patuxet Wompanoag tribe. Then, in 1620, a ship carrying European settlers landed off the coast of Massachusetts. The people, who would eventually be called Pilgrims, started a settlement at an abandoned Patuxet Wampanoag village. Some native people helped them through their first difficult year (nearly half of the Pilgrims starved to death) teaching them how to grow and gather native food. The two groups signed a treaty of friendship that probably meant very different things to each of them. Because the Wampanoags, like most Native Americans, had no concept of owning land, it was most likely just a sign of goodwill. In European culture, however, a treaty meant the land now belonged to them. The Wampanoags also probably found no harm in signing such a pact with a group of people who seemed so harmless and inept; after all, the white settlers were struggling just to stay alive. When the Pilgrims harvested their first crop, about a year after their arrival, they shared some food with Wampanoags who happened to be visiting. This was the first Thanksgiving.  (I borrowed this from:  http://www.teachervision.fen.com/native-americans/lesson-plan/3358.html)
Now… if 3rd to 5th grade teachers are censoring how much they teach about the bloodshed that actually took place during the First Thanksgiving to these children, don’t you think we too can put down the bloodshed, the tears and the hatred and share a meal?

I think the main context of Thanksgiving is sharing.  Share a meal with someone.  Share a bit of your time helping others, especially those in need.  Share your heart.  Give love and spread joy.  Shouldn’t that be more important than sharing stories of bloodshed and carnage?

I’m tired of all the hatred and I am tired of specific hate groups sitting in their private cul-de-sac in the world…smoking weed…completely impervious to the world and its issues…(separatism does not bring the world together….)

I have no problem saying Happy Thanksgiving to others because I am thankful for everything.  I don’t just relegate it to that one day on the calendar.  I am thankful for every day that I have on this earth. Each day spans a new chapter,  and each new chapter creates a new experience.

I am thankful for it all.

(“…..life has so much to show you…you must be ready for the new….” – Earth Wind & FireThe Changing Times, from the Album, “Raise!“)

Is it Just Me or is Romney a Sore LOSER???

OK enough already people.  Unless you forgot the people re-elected Obama to run this nation for another four years.  Romney please sit down and stop whining about why you lost, it’s simple: America did not want you.  There is no mathematical equation for it.  You LOST…Period…get over it and MOVE ON!!!

People voted for this ignorant racist man, and now people are whining that they don’t want Obama running the nation. What they should really say is this, “We don’t want a black man running this nation.” (actually it’s, “We don’t want a nigger in office!”) This campaign, and every moment Obama has been in office has shown me just how much this is a racist…and I mean RACIST country. I will reiterate: Obama has done more for this nation than ANY president has done. He is well qualified to run this country.

Here is an interesting fact: Electronic voting machines were owned by Romney yet that was swept under the rug. If Obama had owned voting machines, people would be trying to figure out how to sue Obama and have him impeached. Romney, as well as MCCain ran a blatantly racist campaign: there were in-numerous racist comments in the news, on television and on the streets. There were an incredible amount of threats towards Obama and his family. There were  extreme amounts of hurtful images depicting lynchings…..yet…no one says a word…all of these infractions were ignored. Well actually kind of glorified.

People had gone as far as blatantly disrespecting the president, yet no one chastised these people or even said a word to stand up for the president. As a matter of fact, more negative connotations were made. Even from that buffoon Palin and her child Bristol (who I personally feel should remain silent in Alaska because these people are jokes and ignorant) However, if Obama did these exact same things, the people would be trying to find a way to sue and impeach Obama as fast as his smear campaign would have started.

Obama won, fair and square. Get over it and move on. The focus should be how can we help our president MOVE this nation forward…not stay stuck in centuries old beliefs and ideologies.

Oh and it is kind of interesting how a motion picture was made for Abe Lincoln right around the time of the 2012 elections, yet we STILL cannot abolish slavery…..That’s right…the slavery in our minds and our souls. Until we remove these chains that bind us to ignorance, we will never be truly free

Oh and since he wants to whine about his loss; dollars, figures and mathematics…can Romney tell us what he did with the money he “raised” for this election?  (I understand a lot of big corporations donated enormous amounts of cash to the Romney camp….you know like AT&T and Verizon….)  (standing here with my hands on my hips)

Like Katt Williams says, “I’ll wait….” (you know for that answer we will never get)

Get OVER IT Mitt!!!

Ok…Now On to the Craziness….

So since the last time that I actually blogged, I discussed my trials with quitting smoking, and I am proud to say that I have been a non-smoker for ten months now, and I am feeling better as the days go by.  There are occasions where I feel like that COPD commercial with the elephant sitting on me and inhibiting my movements, but I am chalking that up to the fact that my lungs are rebuilding themselves.  I do wish however that I was truly in a smokefree environment, but it is what it is.

My father’s brother, who happened to be my favorite uncle, had his house foreclosed on and he needed a place to stay so he calls us up out of the blue and asks if he can stay here.  I was terribly apprehensive at the thought, because I know what it’s like to live with family members, and when it doesn’t work out, a family tie is broken.  Which is what happened in this case.  My sister decided to approve of him staying here, so we let him stay.  Everyone seemed to like the idea that my uncle was going to stay here.  Even our grandmother Nanny cosigned on Donny being here.  Problem was that this man is a sever drug addict and he misuses his prescription medication.  Now keep in mind that he never told me he did drugs or anything like that, he did however tell my sister that he did drugs.  This man abused his Nortriplene and Oxycotin.  He would take 10 of the Oxycotin every time he “claimed” he was in pain.  I’m sorry I never bought the amount of pain that he was in.  His shivering and shaking and moaning and groaning seemed to be contrived and he only seemed to put on that act whenever someone was around.

He would hallucinate, and claim, “big beings as large as brown cats” were disappearing through the walls.  He would literally eat us out of house and home.  Never replacing what he ate.  He would rummage through our cabinets at night while we slept.  Then he would turn around and accuse us of stealing from him.  He would sit in the living room and count his Oxycotin claiming pills were missing.  Yeah you think idiot?  I mean really you take 10 of them at a time, that bottle surely is not going to last you.

What would get me the most about this man was the fact that we would pay him to take my sister to work and he would never get her to work on time because he would always like pull over to the side of the road because he had the “urge” to urinate.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that he had Interstitial Cystitis, so he would live in the bathroom every moment because of his urge to urinate that would never seem to happen and he would fall asleep on the toilet.  Luckily for us we had a bathroom in the basement, but just because we have one does not mean I want to use it.  Or rather I am forced to use it because some jackass was that inconsiderate of his hosts.

Everyday he would leave this house late to go sit with Nanny (oh yeah I forgot to mention how he would grift me out of funds because he was making unnecessary trips to pick up Nanny to ride with him while he took my sister to work.  That would be another reason why he would get my sister to work late.  My grandmother lived the opposite way of my sister’s job.  Complete opposite by a lot of miles and he would make these roundabout trips everyday.  Each time claiming he didn’t know how he would be able to pick up my sister because his car was out of gas.

When we finally got the nerve up to ask this man to leave, his behavior got even more strange.  As a matter of fact the day I reinforced my sister’s request for him to leave, he sat in the dark in the living room.  That was freaky, because I stopped coming our of my room the entire time he was here because he was creeping me out.  He was losing his boundaries, and I was tired of him being here.  I don’t like drug addicts and I don’t like alcoholics.  I don’t know what is worse between the two, but I don’t like it around me.

Well as he sat there in the dark, it kept me on edge, then he finally turned on the light and fell and broke our dining room table.  However, when you look at the table, the break is not a result of his foot getting caught in the rug and falling on the table, but a direct hit with a fist.  The data presented contradicted what he said, so my guess is he called himself coming around the corner to ambush me and got caught up.  The stuff on the table was not moved from a fall, and the thick glass was cracked not because he hit his head on the table, but because he put his fist through it.

I was putting him out the next day, and I couldn’t wait for him to leave.  Only thing was he pulled his extreme urge to urinate act for 5 hours, until I came out of my room and made him “wrap it up” and leave.  That man was creepy. I don’t like him now, and I am extremely bitter over the ordeal that my sister and I had to go through.

Then to make matters worse we found out that he was sending his money to someone in Jamaica (some type of get rich quick scheme).  He never contributed to this household.  Never offered a dollar or two for food. Yet he had the audacity to send it to Jamaica?  He watched us struggle to feed the members in this house and that was the payback that we got.

I remember after our dad died, no one on his side of the family ever came around to see if we needed anything or even offered us food (partly because they didn’t like our mother) yet here was this man (who really was my favorite uncle until now) showed up at our doorstep for help.  I don’t even remember him showing up to our house with so much as a loaf of bread, but he needed our help.  Like I explained to him that I wanted things to stay the way that they were.  If no-one ever came around or did things with us, I wanted it to stay that way.  I wanted it to remain consistent.

Now?  He can’t even come by and ask for a glass of water.
It doesn’t pay to take advantage of your family members.

The Idle Ramblings of a Mad Woman in a Crazed World