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I Just Want to Break Bread…I Don’t Need a History Lesson…

Every Thanksgiving  I am always reminded by those online about the travesties of Thanksgiving and how we as a people should unsubscribe to the “holiday” and what the country represents.  My friend feed is bombarded by the hundreds that feel that “Thanksgiving” is a farce and any African American or Native Americans that subscribes to the holiday are traitors and should be treated as outcasts.

Seriously I just want to break bread, I don’t need a history lesson.  Besides, I already know how this country was formulated;  I know how many lives were lost building this country, I know about the slaves that were captured and brought here.  I know how much was taken for granted. I know all the lies that continue to circulate to keep man enslaved even now.  Knowledge is power, however,  just how much power can a man exude if he doesn’t even understand what has been shown to him?

It’s great  to open a book and read about the history of the nation.  However, it’s still hate if one still continues to try to keep the nation divided by forming separate groups of people, each determined to prove they are greater than the next group; then only letting them out long enough to capture a few rays of sunlight and feeding them just enough.  Nothing nutritious enough or salient enough to build a strong healthy foundation.  Just enough rhetoric to keep them still, so that they think they are satiated, when in fact they are really starving.  Starving for knowledge, starving for truth,  and starving for love.  That’s how cult leaders are able to control their “flock.”  They starve them mentally, then turn around and feed them a twisted sick fantasy….over and over and over.  After awhile the lies are the gospel truth and the flock grows larger.  (I’m not trying to dispel in any way shape or form how America was formed.  I’m not renouncing the bloodshed, the trails of tears, the raping and pillaging.  I’m just saying enough already.)

Let’s just stop for one moment and think about the concept of Thanksgiving.  Basing this loosely on the 3rd to 5th grade lessons for Thanksgiving, the Wampanoag Indians and the first harvest:

The Indians in the classic Thanksgiving story are the Wampanoags, a tribe that has lived for thousands of years in what is today coastal Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The Wampanoags experienced difficult times during the beginning of the 1600s when they were attacked by a warring tribe to the north; they were also devastated by a series of epidemics that killed many of their people – all but one of the Patuxet Wompanoag tribe. Then, in 1620, a ship carrying European settlers landed off the coast of Massachusetts. The people, who would eventually be called Pilgrims, started a settlement at an abandoned Patuxet Wampanoag village. Some native people helped them through their first difficult year (nearly half of the Pilgrims starved to death) teaching them how to grow and gather native food. The two groups signed a treaty of friendship that probably meant very different things to each of them. Because the Wampanoags, like most Native Americans, had no concept of owning land, it was most likely just a sign of goodwill. In European culture, however, a treaty meant the land now belonged to them. The Wampanoags also probably found no harm in signing such a pact with a group of people who seemed so harmless and inept; after all, the white settlers were struggling just to stay alive. When the Pilgrims harvested their first crop, about a year after their arrival, they shared some food with Wampanoags who happened to be visiting. This was the first Thanksgiving.  (I borrowed this from:  http://www.teachervision.fen.com/native-americans/lesson-plan/3358.html)
Now… if 3rd to 5th grade teachers are censoring how much they teach about the bloodshed that actually took place during the First Thanksgiving to these children, don’t you think we too can put down the bloodshed, the tears and the hatred and share a meal?

I think the main context of Thanksgiving is sharing.  Share a meal with someone.  Share a bit of your time helping others, especially those in need.  Share your heart.  Give love and spread joy.  Shouldn’t that be more important than sharing stories of bloodshed and carnage?

I’m tired of all the hatred and I am tired of specific hate groups sitting in their private cul-de-sac in the world…smoking weed…completely impervious to the world and its issues…(separatism does not bring the world together….)

I have no problem saying Happy Thanksgiving to others because I am thankful for everything.  I don’t just relegate it to that one day on the calendar.  I am thankful for every day that I have on this earth. Each day spans a new chapter,  and each new chapter creates a new experience.

I am thankful for it all.

(“…..life has so much to show you…you must be ready for the new….” – Earth Wind & FireThe Changing Times, from the Album, “Raise!“)




Yes…I’m daydreaming of a world that no longer has a reference to the color of skin because people are accepted as they are.  I am dreaming of a day when everyone can break through the color barriers and allow themselves to love one another unconditionally.  Yes….I know a bit of a fairy tale, but in these trying times the issue of race seems to be the next most discussed topic, besides Brittany Spears.

Unless one can see life through the eyes as a person of color, it is hard to define what is most disturbing with today’s times.  I would have to venture to say that it is fear that keeps people from trying to discover one another.  That fear seems to be the driving force to further keep a nation of people chained and bound.  This fear that won’t allow love, but anger….hatred for another because of the color of their skin, or the religion they choose to practice.

I’m quite sure the talks about race seem to be endless, everyone competing for a shot to state their views and opinions.  One race doesn’t understand another, another race seeking supremacy.  However, those who suffer the most are the seeds from unions.  Multiracial, bi-cultural.  Our children are left wondering why we hate each other so much…The things that are discussed at the dinner table, spills out unto our seeds, and they act out in schools, and amongst their peers….Then we sit back and wonder how our children learned such behaviors.  We sit in embarrassment when we’re called from the school principals and teachers and other parents, as they explain to us that our children are a bad influence on other children.

Children often emulate what they see and hear.  Favorite icons on television, musicians, and yes….believe it or not we are the molds for our children’s clay.  Daughters mirror the mothers, sons mirror their fathers.  We are the educators of our children yet our textbooks are outdated.  The vicious cycle continues to spin, we are the perpetrators of the crimes.  It is easy to say, “I am not responsible for little Johnny blowing up that Mosque,”  however, think about the last time you spewed venom about the Muslim community and your hatred for Muslims.  Children are not born to hate…we create the hate.  The hate that hate made.

All of our fears spill forth into the world.  We fear the man that shaved his head, but is he really a skin-head?  We fear the man because his clothes are sagging, but is he really a gang-banger?  Our perceptions of others has paralyzed our minds.  How we interact with others on the streets is like a sitcom.  We run from the man who says “hello,” we refuse to help that elderly lady across the street because we’re too consumed with our own selves to even care.  We turn a blind eye when someone asks for help.  “Oh, no….not me I’m not getting involved!”  We utter foul words under our breath when we approach someone different.  Yes different than our own skin. 

Racism is defined as, “the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races…”  My question? How can one race of people be more intrinsically superior to members of other races?”  How can a man sit in awe at the color of blood pouring from the wounds that have been inflicted upon another.  Yes, the blood that pours red is the same color that flows through all of our veins.  That same hue stains the very fibers that America was built on.

America was built on lies and racism.  Racism built America.  The blood, sweat and lives of others.  Strange fruit adorned the trees, blood nourished the seeds in our fields.  It is also our lies, our prejudice, our superiority that is destroying the nation. Our hatred is destroying our world.  Gaia is crying out to be purged of our ways.  Our world is changing dramatically, and instead of trying to make it a better place for all, we continue to wear our chains.  We continue to be bound by the hatred that controls our minds.  We will never be free because our fear will forever hold us captive.