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Is it Just Me or is Romney a Sore LOSER???

OK enough already people.  Unless you forgot the people re-elected Obama to run this nation for another four years.  Romney please sit down and stop whining about why you lost, it’s simple: America did not want you.  There is no mathematical equation for it.  You LOST…Period…get over it and MOVE ON!!!

People voted for this ignorant racist man, and now people are whining that they don’t want Obama running the nation. What they should really say is this, “We don’t want a black man running this nation.” (actually it’s, “We don’t want a nigger in office!”) This campaign, and every moment Obama has been in office has shown me just how much this is a racist…and I mean RACIST country. I will reiterate: Obama has done more for this nation than ANY president has done. He is well qualified to run this country.

Here is an interesting fact: Electronic voting machines were owned by Romney yet that was swept under the rug. If Obama had owned voting machines, people would be trying to figure out how to sue Obama and have him impeached. Romney, as well as MCCain ran a blatantly racist campaign: there were in-numerous racist comments in the news, on television and on the streets. There were an incredible amount of threats towards Obama and his family. There were  extreme amounts of hurtful images depicting lynchings…..yet…no one says a word…all of these infractions were ignored. Well actually kind of glorified.

People had gone as far as blatantly disrespecting the president, yet no one chastised these people or even said a word to stand up for the president. As a matter of fact, more negative connotations were made. Even from that buffoon Palin and her child Bristol (who I personally feel should remain silent in Alaska because these people are jokes and ignorant) However, if Obama did these exact same things, the people would be trying to find a way to sue and impeach Obama as fast as his smear campaign would have started.

Obama won, fair and square. Get over it and move on. The focus should be how can we help our president MOVE this nation forward…not stay stuck in centuries old beliefs and ideologies.

Oh and it is kind of interesting how a motion picture was made for Abe Lincoln right around the time of the 2012 elections, yet we STILL cannot abolish slavery…..That’s right…the slavery in our minds and our souls. Until we remove these chains that bind us to ignorance, we will never be truly free

Oh and since he wants to whine about his loss; dollars, figures and mathematics…can Romney tell us what he did with the money he “raised” for this election?  (I understand a lot of big corporations donated enormous amounts of cash to the Romney camp….you know like AT&T and Verizon….)  (standing here with my hands on my hips)

Like Katt Williams says, “I’ll wait….” (you know for that answer we will never get)

Get OVER IT Mitt!!!


Four More Years

I am so thrilled to have four more years with our outstanding duo President Obama and Joe Biden.  For the idiots that thought Obama was supposed to turn the nation around in a day, may I remind you that he is still cleaning up the damages from George Washington’s reign.  The real work can now be done.  I just hope those racist assholes let the man do his job, because the people have proven that they think he is well qualified.

Congratulations once again!

I’ve got your back 😉

Congratulations President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden

I am so excited for President Obama being re-elected into office. My heart beams with pride and extreme joy. This campaign was the most trying, the most RACIST and the most hateful campaign…well, besides the Mccain/Palin buffoonery.

What I did enjoy about the whole campaign was the people said enough of the Romney Tomfoolery and voted against that man.  The man with no plan.  He had an agenda, too bad he didn’t share it with America, but he had an agenda.  His plan?  Keep the rich rich, and the other 47% of the nation poor.  His campaign ads were a joke.  His 3 token blacks were funny.  Every time he was shown shaking their hands he looked like it was a painful thing to do.  Let’s not even talk about what he planned to do for women.  Oh say set them back a few centuries.

I had friends that voted for Romney because they were so mis-informed about Obama and the facts and… well let’s face it…this bigoted nation does not want a black man in office that they will do anything to keep him out of it.  The Republicans were so convinced that Romney won the first round of the debates that they banked on the people to kick Obama out.  WRONG!!!!  The people showed that.  I mean the numbers says all: Obama’s 332 to Romney’s 206.  That wasn’t even a close win.  Obama toppled Romney, fair and square.

For all the people that flip-flopped their opinions during this campaign, I was not worried one minute about Obama winning this election. I was so tired of everyone and their bigotry.  Romney  and the Republican party had an agenda, and that was to try to keep the black man out of office, by any means necessary.  They just didn’t expect the turnout at the polls.  Now they are trying to say that the votes weren’t fair and the numbers were padded.  “Waa, waa, waa,”  owning voting machines and trying to suppress the black vote isn’t fair either, but no one is whining about that.

Election day I got up  and marched over to the polling place to cast my vote.  I was proud!  I even videotaped myself walking to the polling center.  I was glad the center was set up the old fashioned way with paper and pens because the machines were set up to change the votes to Romney automatically if you voted for Obama (now who’s fair?)  Just another slick way for Romney to steal votes. That was my biggest concern. Romney stealing votes and actually getting away with it. I prayed for Obama and the nation. I just could not fathom America being set back centuries because some  jackwad would have say over what a woman does with her body, and America would be robbed of its resources to keep the wealthy…wealthy.  My friends that voted for him, I look at them differently now, I can’t believe how ignorant they have become.  All the way down to their comments even after Obama won.

We won.  America won.  That is all that matters to me.  The best man is in office.  The best man shall stay.  I’ve got Obama’s back.  I believe in our president.  Obama and Joe, the best team for America!

  Thank you America! You made the right choice!